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ModuSec Construction Options

ModuSec is a totally flexible construction system that can be used to build almost any structure, with appropriate steel support for larger requirements that would otherwise use traditional materials.

For security, the individual factory manufactured panels incorporate the correct materials to meet the required standard specified and together with our expert in house installation teams, guarantee the required standard is fully met. This may not be the case with a general building labourer or contractor.

For smaller areas the walls are self supporting and can support the weight of the ceilings - providing full walk on capability to BS6399. Standard wall/ceiling panels (SR1/2) are available up to 6m long. Higher rated security panels are available up to approx 3.8m long. For larger requirements, wall panels can be erected horizontally to any height with intermediate columns and ceilings can be provided to any clear span with appropriate steelwork support (designed and installed in house).

ModuSec walls are erected from the inside and hence can be built hard up against existing walls. The system is suitable for both internal and external build. External builds can have any style of roof with the wall panels as the external finish in a range of colours or provided with any further architectural cladding to match surrounding buildings or planning requirements.

For an overview of the system and its many options please take a look at our ModuSec SR Presentation document.

A full range of Construction Options, including:

Plus, we can build as walls only or ceiling only - provided there are suitable surfaces to fix to. Note: that this will not provide the same level of integrity and protection as a 'whole room' construction.

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