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ModuSec Construction - Door and Window Options

Personnel Door System

Doors for the ModuSec System are all manufactured in our own factory. Single and double doorsets, like our panels, are steel faced with a Pyrofoam insulation core. Single doors can be supplied with a clear opening up to 1200mm. Each door leaf and frame is rebated to accommodate smoke/water seals and an intumescent seal that swells under heat in a fire situation.

Doors can be 'four-sided' with the rebate all round. This is particularly recommended for outside installations or areas vulnerable to water ingress. Alternatively we can fit a flat threshold with a smoke seal on the door leaf that drops down on closure of the door. This allows easier entry for equipment on wheels.

The doors are hung on heavy duty continuous hinges. The split frames are made from heavy gauge steel and are clamp fitted to panels with an intumescent seal between them - to stop transfer of heat in the event of a fire.

Doors are fire tested to EN1634-1: 2014, built into the panel system via the clamp frame, and received a rating of 90 minutes insulation and integrity.


  • Keylock only
  • Exit only furniture
  • Abloy EL 560: Single point solenoid lock - available as swipe in/free exit or swipe in/swipe out with thumb turn. Very high quality lock used for many years with an impeccable reliability history.
    Abloy EL 560 PDF
  • Multiblindo: Multipoint lock that provides a higher level of fire protection (testing carried out with 3 point locking).
    Multiblindo PDF

Security Rated Doors & Locks

Surelock McGill Slimline: 3 way
The security rated doors have the same makeup and incorporate the same anti-cutting materials as the panels to meet the required standard. They also feature a heavier duty frame, hinge bolts and fully tested Surelock McGill 3 way lock bolting to meet the required standard. The locking mechanism is also matched to the standard with options for key only (single or 2 man) or fail secure solenoid access in and/or out for connection to access control (swipe, keypad, biometrics, etc) with key override. Cylinders are protected by cylinder guards to match the security rating.
Surelock McGill Slimline: 3 way PDF

Goods Doors

Roller Shutters

These can be standard (i.e. nor security rating) roller shutter doors built into the panels - with or without a personnel door built in.

Security rated shutter doors to LPS 1175 SR2, SR3, SR4 or SR5 and other ratings (details on request).
This option (that can be combined with a fire curtain) is designed to protect against: Cutting – Drilling – Levering – Jacking – Grinding – Blast – RAM.
The doors have a unique lockdown technology removes the need for any locking devices (other than the motorized operation) whilst retaining ultimate security. They also negate the need for any work to be done to accommodate a ground rail required with sliding/folding doors.

Sliding Folding Doors

Security rated (please ask for details) with options for blast resistance, ballistics (to FB4/G2), Ram Resistance to BSi PAS68. Configurations for manual or electrical operation - opening to one side or bi-parting.


The ModuSec System can accommodate windows with a range of glazing units built into a similar 2 part clamp frame as the doors. These can be standard laminated, Georgian wire for fire integrity or multilayer insulation and integrity units.

We can also offer security rated glass to LPS 1270 that has an equivalence to match the LPS1175 rated walls – SR1 up to SR5 – with or without 30 or 60 minute fire rating.

Alternatively we can offer security grilles (fixed or retractable) or shutters.

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