ModuPod - Secure Modular Portable Building

The Mobile Server Room or Secure Environment

  • Empty shell or fitted out with any required services - AC, power, UPS, cabling, lighting, cabinets, fire suppression, raised floor, etc. Not restricted to any one provider.
  • Any size up to 12m x 4m – not restricted to standard ISO container sizes – for a flexible solution.
  • Can be built inside a standard ISO Shipping container if preferred.
  • ModuSec IT fire rated, highly insulated, weatherproof panels – for the most hostile environments and minimum PUE.
  • Standard ModuSec or ModuSec SR security rated LPS 1175 SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5 or UK Government CPNI forced attack and blast protection options. Note that a standard ISO shipping container alone may appear secure - but can be very quickly breached through thin metal skin with a battery operated power saw. ModuSec will also provide a very high level of thermal insulation – as a stand alone unit or inside a container.
  • Wide choice of colours.
  • Built on site or offsite and craned into position.
  • Place in a car park, on a roof, or inside a larger building.
  • Single unit or additional sections for a larger building of any size.
  • Secure server room, data centre, storage, control room, office or any portable secure environment.

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