Energy Efficiency

ModuSec provides the lowest U value available for a 100mm thick construction. This low U value effectively eliminates solar gain – saving energy and providing a stable environment for cooling systems. With the onslaught of Global Warming, regular 40°C summers are forecast soon. ModuSec may allow a lower specification AC system and provide significant savings in running costs as well as lowering the carbon footprint of your server room / data centre.

The figures below show the U value comparison of pyro-foam with traditional partition materials:

U Values - Rate of heat transfer in W/m2K
Construction Material W/m2K
Single glazed window 5.7
Double glazed window 2.8
Solid brick / block wall 2.5
Brick / block cavity wall with insulation between 0.5
100mm mineral wall core panel 0.38
Stud Partition with mineral wool infill 0.35
100mm ModuSec panel with Pyrofoam core 0.18

i.e. the ModuSec panel has more than double the energy efficiency of mineral wool panels of the same thickness.

U values diagram
Diagram illustrating comparative U Values

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