The combination of the mechanical camlocks and the shape of the panels allows ModuSec IT rooms to be slotted together with ease.
Easy to Extend: For an outside construction, we simply add a pitched roof, gutters, etc.

Rapid Assembly

Following a detailed site survey, pre finished steel faced panels are sent to the site, manufactured to the correct sizes. They require no wet trades, such as plastering, painting, etc., and hence cause minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Wall and ceiling panels have a tongue and groove profile and are fixed to each other with mechanical camlocks at approximately 1m centres. Walls are fixed into steel base channels or fixed to optional floor panels. Ceiling/wall joints have preformed profiles that are simply dropped into place and fixed by steel angles. All joints are sealed with intumescent mastic (that swells under heat) between the panels and silicon mastic to seal against water.

This construction forms an immensely strong box to withstand external attack and the pressures generated by fire suppression gases (note that some gases do need additional overpressure facilities that we can also provide).

  • A small room can be constructed in a single day.
  • A 500m2 space can be ready for fit out commencement in 2-3 weeks. Finishing (trims, sealant, etc) can be done in parallel with other trades and doors are normally fitted towards the end of the project to allow free access.

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