Fire Protection

The ModuSec Panel System is tested and certified to BS476 Part 22 and meets 90 minutes for both integrity and insulation. The limit temperature for this standard fire rating is an 180°C rise at the cold face with 950°C on the furnace side - for the protection of escape routes and to prevent the spread of fire.

However, the critical temperature limit for IT protection, according to EN 1047-2, is a 50°C rise at 60 minutes - measured 100mm away from the cold face. The BS476 fire test indicated that ModuSec was well within this limit temperature measured on the surface of the cold face. Other building materials or panel systems may meet the traditional 180°C limits for 60, 90 or even 120 minutes - but are unlikely to meet the EN1047-2 limit temperatures. Hence, if building an IT environment, ModuSec will guarantee the correct levels are met in the worst case scenario. This was proven in a real situation of an arson attack on an IT room. See our Real Fire Case Study.

Also note that for the fire rating of a door, window or any other element to be valid - it should be fire tested mounted in the wall materials to be specified - to demonstrate the action of the element and its interaction with its setting in a fire situation.

The ModuSec Door System, specifically designed to fit to ModuSec wall panels, was fire tested to EN 1634 mounted in the ModuSec wall panels. It not only met the traditional 90 minute integrity and insulation criteria - but was also well within the EN1047-2 limit temperatures at 60 minutes for IT protection. The test wall panels also showed an average surface temperature of just 37°C at 60 minutes from a start of 15°C (a 22°C rise) at the cold face with a furnace temperature of 946°C.

EN1634 Door Test Rig
EN1634 Door Test Rig
Test configuration removed from furnace at 99 minutes having reached 1022°C
Test configuration removed from furnace at 99 minutes having reached 1022°C

In addition, a vision panel, window, service entry and vent units were all tested and met required fire protection for a minimum 60 minutes (60 minute glass fitted but 90 minute can be specified). Note that walls are rated to EN 1364 - but it is the same test profile as the EN 1634 test standard.

A successful independent 60 minute assessment was also carried out on behalf of Sellafield Sites Ltd by Exova Warrington Fire on a complete ModuSec enclosure - to assess required levels of protection for construction in the most sensitive areas of the nuclear site. This covered interior and exterior fires.

So when it comes to fire protection there could not be a better choice than ModuSec. This range of tests cannot be bettered or compared with 60, 90 or 120 minute rated traditional building materials or other panel systems - particularly where IT environments are concerned.

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