Walls are fixed into steel base channels or fixed to optional floor panels.

ModuSec Construction - Floor / Base Options

Walls can be built directly on a concrete slab slotted into a steel channel that is fixed and sealed to the slab. The slab can then be treated with a dust proof sealant or a resin DPM sealant.

For insulation from below and to lift the room by 100mm off the base slab, our standard panels are laid with a 2mm steel or resin board over to protect the panel skin. The huge compressive strength (6T/sqm) of the panels easily support any heavy plant or computer hardware directly or on a raised grid floor. The steel overlay aids electrical continuity between floor pedestals, whilst the resin board make fixing pedestals and tray work an easier job. The wall panels can then slotted over an angle fixed to the floor panels – to positively place them in the correct position. Note that inner and outer steel surfaces are always separated by the low conductive pyro-foam core.

As a variation we can provide a steel over ply floor (for electrical continuity) or a resin boarded floor as a finished floor surface.

The unit can also be built on a steel frame. This can be used to build a room in a car park with a gradient (should a slab not be laid), to bring floor level up to a required level (e.g. to an existing floor level) or in an area subject to flooding or standing water by more than 100mm. Note that a good level of sealing of joints can be achieved without this measure – but this will provide an extra level of protection.

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