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ModuSec Construction Options - Service Entry

Tested Group Entry System

ModuSec has its own fire tested entry units for groups of cable or services entry on cable trays. This involves a collar on one or both sides of the panel that is backfilled with a mix of fire insulating materials. The collar can be split, so that it can be fitted before or after cables/pipes are introduced. Standard panels are fairly easily drilled by M & E contractors to fit their own services. For high security options we can prepare predetermined areas of the panels in the factory to allow drilling for services. Alternatively, this can be done on site - with a lot of patience, drill bits and cutting blades!

Protected service entry: individual entry system

  • Each cable/pipe passed through an individual block with peel off layers
  • Fitted into single or multiple frames pre fitted into the panels
  • Compression plates tightened to provide a sealed system against heat, water, rodents and explosion
  • New cables fitted by releasing the compression plate and using one of the spare blocks

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