There is increasing concern that critical national infrastructure could be a target for those who wish our society harm. There is also an ever rising tide of vandalism and theft in this sector. Hence, any equipment regarded as part of our critical national infrastructure should be protected to a recognised tested and certified level of security. This could be to the UK Government CPNI standard or to the LPS1175 standard (see our Security section).

Remtech can provide both fire and security rated environments to CPNI (ModuSec GS) and LPS1175 SR1 to SR5. For the most critical systems, SR5 should be considered as the minimum level to aim for since it includes protection from commonly available power tools that would be used in a serious attempt to gain access (SR1 to SR4 is mainly for hand tools). This is particularly important in isolated locations where any intruder has more time and is not concerned with making noise. Note that ModuSec is the only modular system to meet the LPS1175 SR5 standard for walls and enclosures built to any footprint size (with fully tested joints, connection details, door options, etc). So for high security utilities projects, Remtech and the ModuSec system is the obvious choice to provide a turnkey construction solution to guarantee meeting the required standard.

Remtech recently completed a project for a water utilities company (Thames Water) to build a secure pumping station located on a new trunk water main. This required building a secure portal frame enclosure on top of retaining walls around a 2.5m pit that accommodated the pumps. Remtech provided the complete enclosure build – steelwork including provision for external decorative cladding to meet planning requirement and stubs to accommodate a gantry crane, secure walls and doors, roof, windows, air vents and some internal control rooms, toilets, etc. All items up to the 4m eaves height were required to meet the LPS1175 SR4 standard specified.

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