Nuclear Industry

Remtech has wide experience of installing our high security rated ModuSec system on nuclear power sites (existing and decommissioned) such as Hinkley Point and Bradwell – as server rooms, stores, offices, control rooms, etc. – as both permanent and portable buildings. ModuSec was recently chosen for the construction of a large scale facility for another nuclear organisation that required the highest level of security available. The project was successfully completed and approved by the clients' accreditors and we look forward to carrying out further projects.

We also built a series of control rooms at the highly sensitive Sellafield nuclear processing site in Cumbria. This site presents particularly difficult challenges. Firstly the site requires the highest level of security and personnel are required to go through high level vetting procedures. Secondly the standards of build and level of fire protection required were at a very demanding level.

Fire testing is normally carried out on a 3m x 3m sample in a test rig and often doors, windows, etc., are not tested built into the walls they are to be installed in. So although you may look at say a wall or door with a 1 or 2 hour rating – there is no guarantee that they are going to provide that protection as a total build. ModuSec has been extensively fire tested over the last 20 years. However, being placed under pipe bridges in the heart of the site carrying nuclear material, Sellafield commissioned the independent Exova Warrington Fire Laboratory to carry out testing and a rigorous assessment on the complete buildings and all their elements – for fire originating both inside and outside the buildings. ModuSec passed this assessment and hence was recommended by the chief fire officer as the best solution on the market for these critical locations.

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