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Protecting computer media and hardware in fire resistant safes is where Remtech (Data Security) started in 1980 - becoming Remtech (Computer Security) in 1991. So we have almost 40 years of experience in this field. Remtech has built many hundreds of IT environments - from small server rooms to large dedicated data centres and co-location facilities. We understand this environment and are used to working in a team alongside M & E contractors. We manufacture and install turnkey building solutions to include walls, ceilings, support steelwork, doors design for the system and many other custom made items required for this environment. We build inside or outside with a roof or as a portable building – to a range of security standards (including CPNI or LPS1175 SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4 or SR5). Our data centre clients include Digital Realty, Infinity, Sentrum and a large number of projects for Cable & Wireless, Oracle and Digiplex (in Scandinavia) plus many rollout MOD/CPNI server room projects. Please see some examples illustrated in our Projects Gallery.

Remtech understands the criteria required to physically protect IT systems. For fire protection, the limit temperatures are much lower than general fire ratings that are designed to prevent spread of fire and to protect escape routes (180°C rise during the test period). The European standard for computer room construction EN 1047-2 recommends a maximum allowable rise of just 50°C at 60 minutes measured 100mm from the protected face of the enclosure with an outside temperature of 950°C. A traditional build or other panel systems may meet a fire rating of 60, 90 or 120 minutes. However that is no guarantee that they will protect your IT hardware or data to the limits required by them. The ModuSec system is specifically designed to meet not only traditional fire ratings of 90 minutes for insulation and integrity – but will also easily meet the 60 minute EN1047-2 limit temperature limits. Since IT systems are now so critical to every organisation, this criteria should be considered rather than the blanket 60, 90 or 120 minute BS476 or EN1634/EN1364 requirement, that may give a false sense of security.

To prove that the ModuSec system works in a real fire situation please refer to our real fire case study that shows a server room after a serious arson attack in Denmark. All the systems survived and they were up and running again in a few days - after fire department and police handed back the room.

In these very troubled times physical security is an increasingly important issue for critical IT systems. Tactics of people who wish individual organisations or society harm are ever changing. Critical IT systems could be a soft target of the future. Hence in addition environmental protection (fire, flood, etc), critical systems should be protected in a tested and certified secure environment.

Remtech can provide both fire and security rated environments to LPS1175 SR1 to SR5. For the most critical systems, SR5 should be considered as the minimum level to aim for since it includes protection from commonly available power tools that would be used in a serious attempt to gain access (SR1 to SR4 is mainly for hand tools). Note that ModuSec is the only modular system to meet the LPS1175 SR5 standard for walls and enclosures built to any footprint size (with fully tested joints, connection details, door options, etc). So for high security large IT projects, Remtech and the ModuSec system is the obvious choice to provide a turnkey construction solution to guarantee meeting the required standard.

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