Testing & Certification

ModuSec's Pyrofoam core steel faced panel system and doors have been extensively and independently tested:


CPNI (ModuSec GS Option)

Approved for UK Government Use.
For details contact CPNI.

LPS 1175 SR1 to SR5

EN1630 /EN 1627 to RC5

EN 1522 (Ballistics) to FB4 – indicative testing


LPS 1270 (Available to LPS 1175 SR1 to SR 5 equivalence)

EN 1063 (Ballistics) to BR4/BR5

Please refer to our Security page for details.


BS476 Part 22 (90 minutes insulation and 90 minutes integrity)

EN 1634/ EN1364:

Door tested in panels to 90 minutes insulation and 90 minutes integrity.

Both tests showed temperature criterion at 60 minutes easily meeting the EN 1047-2 test for the protection of IT.

Please refer to our Fire Protection page for details.

Addition Certification includes:

IMO A60:

Marine and offshore 60 minute fire rating by Lloyds register of shipping. Note that this is a European test and is regarded as a far more onerous fire test than the BS476 Pt22 equivalent.

IMO Smoke & Toxicity Test:

Achieved required smoke and toxicity levels for marine use in bulkheads and wall/ceiling linings. Note that Pyrofoam does not produce the smoke and toxic fumes given off by other foamed materials.

IMO Resolution A.754 (18):

Penetration fire test. 19 penetrations for various sizes of pipe and cable entries were tested in 3 panels using the RCS system. This forms the basis of our penetration protection system for computer rooms.

LPS 1181-2 enhanced:

Pyrofoam panels were independently tested under the LPS 1181-2 'reaction to fire' procedure by the Building Research Establishment. We opted to carry out the test totally unsupported by the test rig – i.e. the ceiling panels were fully supported by the wall panels alone. The test was carried out on a 4.5m x 10m x 3m room with a 1 mega watt gas burning crib in 1 corner – providing maximum heat load to the inside ceiling/wall joints (i.e. the critical area supporting the ceilings). The system met the criteria of the test procedure and no 'flashover' was created. From the results of this test, we deem that our rooms can be constructed with ceiling panels supported on the wall panels without the need of a steel ring beam or support from above. Note that it is generally recommended that for mineral wool panel construction, ceiling panels should NOT be supported by wall panels as they are not tested in this condition. Hence additional support from above or a ring beam is generally required.

ISO 9705:

Full room fire test, also tested unsupported.

EN 13501-1:2007:

Reaction to fire test (carried out with and without steel skins). Both cases achieved B – S1, d0.

National Russian Fire Test:

Independently fire tested in Russia, ModuSec satisfied the highest level of testing required for Russian building control approval.



Service access load standard for 'walk on ceilings'. We achieved up to 5 times the required standard.

Please refer to our Panel Strength page for details.

BS EN ISO 9001:2008

This ensures that Remtech Computer Security Ltd provides the highest level of audited quality control in administration.


RCS Manufacturing Ltd quality control of admin, manufacture and installation under LPCB ISO 9000 Certification.