Technical Specifications

Wall & ceiling panels

  • Fully finished 100mm steel faced panels with Phenolic foam core
  • Surfaces: 0.55mm thick hot dipped galvanised mild steel substrate with an internal and external wipe clean white Stelvatite (PVC laminate) finish that requires no further decoration
  • Independently tested at the Building Research Establishment to BS476/22
  • F90: 93 minutes insulation and 98 minutes integrity
  • Test results at 1 hour: average unexposed face temperature: 40°C; max face temperature at weakest point - 52°C with exposed face at 950°C (BS/EN1047 recommends a maximum increase of 50°C – hence at a starting temperature of 21°C the maximum allowable temperature is 71°C)
  • Thermal Insulation value: 0.018 w/2c
  • Surface Spread of flame: Class 1
  • Ignitability: Class 5
  • Fire Propagation: S<10
  • Smoke Obscuration < 4%
  • Toxic gas emission: 0.9-2.0
  • Sound attenuation: Up to 45 dbA
  • Density: 80Kg/m3
  • Weight: Standard Panels 20 Kg/m2, Class 2: 40 Kg/m2, Class 3: 60 Kg/m2
  • Contains no CFC's


Panels are fixed directly to a flat level concrete slab in a 'U' channel or to base panels with each panel interlocking with its neighbour via an internal key operated camlock mechanical locking system. Joints are completed with a white silicone sealant. A radius cove is provided to all corners.


Ceiling panels are self supporting with service 'walk on' capability to BS 6399 for spans up to 6m. Greater spans are provided with additional steel support structure and/or fixed to existing building structure. Ceilings are fixed to top wall rebate and fixed via steel angle and finished with a decorative trim. Fire tested unsupported by any other steel support to LPS 1181.


Steel faced 1 hour fire insulated door system tested to BS476 with 4 sided steel clamp frame complete with double smoke/water gaskets and heat protection intumescent strips all round. Locking system as required (specified separately).