Environmental Policy

Remtech ensure that every aspect of our activities is conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices. Remtech fully meet all current environmental legislation.

At Remtech we achieve this by:

  • Minimising the consumption of natural resources and energy, whilst consuming material goods in moderation
  • Reducing the creation of waste by the adoption of improved operating practices and by the re-cycling of materials whenever practical
  • Ensuring all waste and effluent is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner
  • Investing in the development of new products and processes that have an improved performance regarding their impact on the environment
  • Complying with environmental legislation

Remtech aims to foster among its staff, suppliers, customers, shareholders and communities local to its operations an understanding of environmental issues in the context of its business.

Carbon Emissions

The exceptionally low U value of ModuSec panels will lead to a significant saving in cooling power and hence CO2 emissions over the life of the system.

Recycling Strategy

Remtech has headed a team, that includes academics from London Queen Mary University, to develop a product from the core material of waste ModuSec panels that can be incorporated within other building products, to improve their insulating properties. The steel skins can also naturally be recycled in the normal way. Hence our system can be almost 100% recycled.